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About us

A business with a social purpose.

We turn charity donors into champions by making fundraising about experiences, conversations and activism for the causes we dedicate ourselves to

The power of our people

Our people are at the heart of everything we do. But we don’t just say this, we put it into action through the decisions we make. Whether it be supporting our team to progress in their careers, our truly flexible working policy, or using unique and aspirational job titles, we want our team to be buzzing with the thought of coming into work each day.

Being part of the solution

We’re not called ‘Bright Future Fundraising’ for nothing. Securing the future of the world and its communities is why we exist and it’s what drives us forward to do better each and every day. We want to make a difference to the world, through the way we operate, the way we nurture our team, and how we engage in our charity partners’ causes.

Doing the right thing

We are a team committed to having integrity in all we do. We’re a lot of fun to be around, but when it comes to regulations’ we do things by the book, every single time. We never put the reputation of our charity partners at risk and we act as an extension of their team.

Working together

As individuals, we are powerful. But as a team, we have no limits. At every opportunity, we question, we listen, and we support each other at every step, both as an internal team and with our charity partners. Their success is our success and so we work together to win big.

When we say we love a challenge, boy do we mean it, we’re out to change the face of fundraising and take pride in our difference, it’s this passion and challenger mentality that sets us apart

Meet the crew

Kelvin Hopkins image one

Kelvin Hopkins

Managing Director

Josh White image one

Josh White

Agency Director

Changing the world is our day job, make it yours too

Our team are the agents for change for our charity partners. Their work is their world and gives them the chance to make a real difference, raising the vital funds needed to enable our partners to do great things.

View our Fundraising roles

If you’re a charity seeking a new fundraising partner, please contact our Agency Director, Josh.

Whether it’s raising the vital funds needed to build a brighter future, or bringing a new and fresh approach to fundraising, we’re here to support you on your journey and would love to offer our thoughts on how we can be a part of the solution and the future with you.